i blog. sort of.

i blog. sort of.

Monday, July 21, 2014

WOD [word of the day]

Today's WOD is GAH.  And not just because it's Stealth's second favorite word.  (Zut being his favorite).
Why gah?  Because it's my word of supreme frustration, and it has been one of those days, all around, where I have gah-ed, gah-ed and gah-ed again.  I suppose we all have days like this.

Here's a prime GAH example.  For dinner I whipped cream to go with our fruit salad, and at first, cream splattered everywhere.  I say to my daughter: "would you mind wiping that up?"  She proceeds to smear it with her finger until it's no longer obvious.


After dinner I cleaned the bathroom.  NOT my favorite after-dinner activity.  Plus I try, so very hard, to stay out from in front of mirrors.  I mean, and this has been driving me nuts for a while now, there's the sad and sorry reality that I am growing HORiZontally instead of VertiCALLy.  Why why why must our t-cells shorten?

But when I get too far into a GAH rant, like I did tonight, I have my tried and tested ways of reality checking myself.  First of all, I corner my family and tell them they are fabulous.  I thank them for being good people, for helping out with everything, for being supportive.  I say, "I love you guys."

Next, I go for a solo walk, because solo walks and being in a state-of-GAH are incompatible.  There are trees and birds to watch.  There is the evening sky and an occasional deer.  When I solo-walk I feel my place in nature, and can't help but wonder at the small and fragile miracle that is life.

Finally, with my house in order and my day done, I settle into bed with a good book. Perfect!

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