i blog. sort of.

i blog. sort of.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SPT [self-promotion time]

dolmen de penhap, France

In being, the mystery thickens when Shepherd visits the Penhap dolmen.  Megaliths play a significant role in the story--their purpose in being is my own little twist on these ancient, unexplained, eons-old stones.

Dolmens are rumored to have been burial chambers.  I used to wonder how the bronze-age peoples built them, until one day when I asked my husband what he thought.  "You obviously didn't spend a lot of time as a kid playing in dirt," he said.

If his comment didn't help you figure out the dolmen's construction, here it is.  You erect the support stones, then bury them in a hill of dirt, one that tapers into a ramp.  Then, using a lot of guys, you drag the capstone to the top of the hill.  "Still a feat," my husband said, "but do-able."

After the capstone[s] are in place, remove the hill and ta-da!  You've got yourself a Flintstones house.  Or a fabulous place to spend the afterlife.  Or, in my case, the perfect place for Shepherd to begin his genuine journey toward who he really is--and how deeply he loves Tienne.

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