i blog. sort of.

i blog. sort of.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Moon Love

Gah! check this one out.  The colors are fabulous and the clouds ... well they are superb.  A few more new moon shots follow.

on the way to Yellowstone

As a quintessential lover of sci-fi, I have an obsessive passion with all things galactic.  So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite moon pics.  Here we have the moon rising over the Tetons.  Which I know, opened my Moon Love post way back on October 12....but do scroll on.

Moonrise, Victor Idaho
 November 16, and I couldn't resist taking this one.  Cold as the bowels of hell out there but who cares?!?!  It had to be done....
Moonset and tree
The cool thing about photographing the moon is that the sky seemed almost as dark as the tree when I was standing outside, freezing to my tripod.  Yet here we see white clouds, an indigo universe, and a remnant autumn leaf clinging to a twig.  Fascinating, as Mr. Spock would say.

cool moonset

 Okay.  Back up to November 11. I just downloaded some pics from last month and there it was!  A moon shot,capturing the orb as it set into a bank of clouds.  Note the cool ring of light, preserved by Mr. Average Camera!  Not to mention the faint outline of the 'particular building' I so often photo with the moon.  (see a few pics down ....)

moonrise, late October 2015
I've added this tonight (October 27) because the moon is incredible.  This picture is especially haunting -- I love the light.

moonrise, ten p.m.
Check out the stars above the aspens!  Way to go average camera!

lake powell

If you've never been to Lake Powell, you might want to visit before it completely drains.  SUCH a perfect place in October.  The lake sort of looks like Texas here ... and the land could be the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm just sayin' ...

So I've photographed this particular building in relation to the moon from pretty much every angle imaginable.  A) it's a really weird building and B) it seems like the kind of building you'd find on the moon.

moonrise over Utah Lake
Seriously, if you knew how gross Utah Lake is, you would find this picture to be far more impressive than it at first appears ...

Indian Beach
So the moon looks like a probe in this one, but !!!  Such a cool shot.

early morning on the Caldera
For a complete exploration of my Caldera fetish, you'll have to read "The Seeds Project Interviews" ...  The first interview is posted just a few blogs back, if you're inclined for a bit of reading.  Just scroll past 'Mr. Chipmunk' and there you are.

I could post these things all night, but I think you get the picture :-)  If only I could get fabulous shots of every orb out there in the vast sky.  Wouldn't that be cool ...