i blog. sort of.

i blog. sort of.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TAS [traditions & superstitions]

Stealth hitches a ride
Thirteen years ago, as I was preparing to head to China to fetch my daughter, one of my skating students gave me the fabulous Stealth Panda.  I stuffed him into my coat and continued to teach ... with just his head peeking out from between my coat's open zipper.  I had a very shy student in that class, and that night I talked to her in the bad French accent that became a Stealth staple for my daughter.  It made my student laugh--just as it's soothed over my daughter's tears, fears, anger and angst.  Stealth and his comical accent can fix anything from a tantrum to hurt feelings.  So of course he travels with us everywhere we go.

Over the years Stealth has wormed his fuzzy, fiber-filled ways onto our family's list of favorite traditions.  He's given us endless laughs.  And in return, we've given him an ego bent on world domination.  "After all," he muses, "I easily solve zee problems of one small family.  Think of zee wonders I could work for zee world."  

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