i blog. sort of.

i blog. sort of.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Extra: Zee tao of Stealth


If you visited when I was a dot com rather than a blogspot, you'll remember Stealth Panda and his wretched French accent.  Those of you who are new to Stealth, welcome.  Those of you familiar with him are, well, familiar with him.  To catch up on his adventures is a journey too long for the here and now and would require a dip into my former dot com world (I moved on to a blogspot as someday I shall likely die and I want my quirky voice to live on forever.  That way my daughter, her daughter and her daughter's daughter can tune in whenever they feel like it.  But I digress.)

Return of zee Stealth Panda
After a brief hiatus from his quest for world domination, Stealth returns by way of a visit to the fabulous, yet roastingly hot, Goblin Valley State Park in Utah, USA.  Within seconds of his first view of the Valley he is reported to have said: "Gah!  Zis vallee!  She is built of roasted marshmallows from zee planet Mars." 

A forty-five minute hike then ensued.  Dehydrated and perhaps sun-stroked, Stealth took time to settle atop a  formation where he deliriously commented:  "Je me suis assis sur la tête d'un champignon." [I sit upon the head of a mushroom.]

Water was then administered.  Refreshed, he contemplated the world, his place in the world, and his current predicament. Then, as if tumbling from the clear, blue sky, his finely honed wisdom spewed forth:  " I am everything and zee everything, it is nothing."

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