i blog. sort of.

i blog. sort of.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our family's Veteran

circa 1940
This is my father-in-law.  He joined the navy in the early years of WWII and was assigned to work state-side (in meteorology).  We still have the white shirt he's wearing in this picture.  Time in the service inspired many things for him: after the war he fulfilled his dream of a higher education (he became a mining engineer), and learned to fly.  He joined the civil air patrol and served for years in search and rescue.

My father-in-law was lucky.  His time spent serving our country was recognized and applauded ... which sadly, has not always been our country's reaction toward the many who served in the wars following. 

When I think of Veteran's Day I don't think of politics.  I don't think of my own feelings about any given action or war.  I dwell on my father-in-law's conviction that to make a world without war we must all participate in society and do our very best ... and thinking of him, I renew my own commitment to do my part.

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