i blog. sort of.

i blog. sort of.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mr. Chipmunk and the Rock

In an effort to blog about something truly newsworthy, I thought I'd share this impressive moment with Mr. Chipmunk as he scrutinizes my newly acquired skill of balancing rocks in impossible ways.  Look closely.  You'll see him.

Here Mr. Chipmunk (informally known as Bob, BTW) peruses what I'm sure he's dubbed "his own personal Stonehenge."  Chipmunks do not always tolerate territorial anomalies.  However, Bob clearly embraces this one.
That the balanced rock did not fall during Bob's touchy-feely moment is a true testament to how well I balance rocks. Or to how light of foot Bob actually is.  Take your pick. 

Bob's front yard
To prove that my balancing skills are not a fluke, I balanced a few rocks more after Bob departed in search of nuts.  Note Bob's stones are still balanced on the boulder in the background.  Upper left, aligned with the aspen.  Who knows where Bob is.  I'm just glad the huge owl that lives in the pines snoozes during daylight.

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