i blog. sort of.

i blog. sort of.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Seeds Project Interviews: book blurb

By the year 2061 the imminent eruption of the Yellowstone caldera, war and world-wide resource failure had doomed most of Earth’s species to extinction—including our own.  Desperate to guarantee human survival, scientists selected three thousand ‘lucky winners’ to undergo suspended animation.  The winners, comprised of equal numbers of male and female Participants and code named Seeds, met within the premium facilities of Stanford Research where they were trained, prepped, and ultimately suspended.  Preserved in containers called ‘Pods,’ the Participants have since been placed in suitable locations to wait out Earth’s environmental collapse and renewal.

THE SEEDS PROJECT INTERVIEWS, drawn from those working every level of the Project from Participant selection to Pod placement, were conducted some fifteen years after the last suspension completed.

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